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you are precious enough: Works



Rock color、acrylic paint、 plank、rice paper、 wooden frame

       In this project, I collected some images of objects related to my childhood and categorized them as my creation elements. With beds, toy cabinets, wardrobes and dining tables as categories, objects are placed among them to construct the visual impression of objects in childhood on this basis.

      In terms of the medium of creation, I chose to combine the mineral materials with acrylic materials, hoping that the use of these two materials with different characteristics will produce more interesting effects.

      I presented the flower bed sheets hand-sewn by my grandma when I was young and the quilt that I covered. The patterns on these fabrics remind me of many fond memories of my childhood. Inside the cabinet are painted all kinds of clothing toys, such as floral dresses, little crowns, Barbie dolls, and so on. They witness my growth together. Using acrylics to portray various foods on the dining table, as long as I see the packaging of these snacks and the color of the food, I can re-evoke the taste impulse of memories.


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you are precious enough: Works
you are precious enough: Works