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Yuetong Yang

Yuetong is an artist based in London and China, whose artistic practice encompasses a wide range of media, including installation, moving images, painting, and sound programming. As an Asian female artist, she seeks to raise awareness of gender inequality and expand our understanding of the multicultural dimensions of the female body. Her current practice is engaged in tactile material practice such as (herbs 、clay、soil、textile、housework materials), Creating contradictory and absurd substances through the tactility, odor, plasticity, fragility, and restoration of these materials to metaphorize and evoke women's body experience and memory, that explores the interplay between the material philosophy of the female body and traditional healing substances. Furthermore, she is broadening this research to examine the intricate relationships between gender social discipline, capital, power, and family across various cultural paradigms.
      Yuetong obtained her degree in oil painting from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(Guangzhou, China) and is currently pursuing a program in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art ( London, UK). Her research and artistic practice are driven by a desire to reveal the complexities of the feminine experience and contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding gender and culture.

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