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Oil on canvas、 photography

Tiffany blue: Welcome

      In the current society, the public's increasing desire to buy luxury goods has triggered a series of researches and reflections on luxury consumption. What are people's motivations for buying? It is the practicality of the product or just regard them as symbols of high status. The origin of luxury goods production can be traced back to the classical European period, when it served as the workshop for the supply of royal supplies. Today, luxury good is an important tool for capitalists to make money. They use window, advertisement and other means of mass media to build the iconic image of the brand and induce the public to be obsessed with the brand value of the goods.

      Chardin, as a famous 18th century court painter, he served the court aristocracy, but his pictures often depict the simple beauty of civilian life. There was a contradiction in him. I remodelled Chardin’s work in the style of a luxury shop window: the cheap still life in the original painting is packaged into plastic texture and put on the coat of luxury - the logo of jewelry brand Tiffany “Tiffany Blue”, to form an absurd sense of contrast. I used both photography and painting to  placed the objects in Chardin’s painting in the virtual Tiffany window. Imagining that if the vulgar items such as beans, potatoes and even dead livestock were all refined and noble, whether people would pay the same high price for these “luxuries”.

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Tiffany blue: 文字
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