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Synesthesia Experiment


Moblie phone application、video、overhead projector、light box


     Synesthesia is a perception phenomenon that refers to the active but non-spontaneous elicitation of another sensory or cognitive nerve when one sensory on the cognitive nerve is stimulated. For example, when I play the piano, different color will appear in my mind according to the musical notes produced by the keys. In detail, when I play Debussy’s Moonlight, I think of a bright and high-pitched pointillism painting. That is synesthesia, where auditory stimuli lead to vision. I hope to record and share these feelings through “Synesthesia Experiment” .

     In this project, I made my synesthetic perception of tone into a color-recognising Synthetic Code Scanner APP by writhing code that matched different tones with different colors. This Synethetic Code Scanner APP can scan the color of anything in daily life through its camera and convert these colors back into “the sound of color”, completing a transition experiment between sound and color.

     I put this Synethetic Code Scanner APP in the supermarket so that the customers can use it to hear the sound of goods on the shelves. After collecting a large number of commodity sounds, I rearranged them according to the orchestration rules to make a “Music Score of Goods”, which I would like to call a minor mode on consumerism.



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