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Weaving Mugwort

Mugwort (known as "women's herb" in southern China) has the function of repairing and treating the fragile bodies of women. Many women enjoy a comfortable sensory experience from touching and smelling mugwort. In addition, mugwort can even open the channel for women to connect with nature and the spiritual world, and bring them spiritual comfort and peace.

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Weaving mugwort: 文字
Weaving mugwort: Projects

Weaving mugwort: 文字
Weaving mugwort: Works

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Creating a poetic portrayal of the interaction and intervention between mugwort, the female body, and female labor materials (textiles, clay/ceramics) through actions such as soaking, smoking, and caressing. While exploring the relationship between nature and women's material. Extenting to the imagination of individuals seeking liberation from certain power relationships in nature's fragile environment.

Weaving mugwort: Welcome
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