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Liquid Monologue

Moving image 2022

liquid: 文字
liquid: Projects

  The content of the video focuses on the anthropomorphization of the image of "liquid" as the main character of a fictional essay; the poetic and lyrical approach narrates its evolutionary process from a natural object to a consumer product. The perspective of the tiny liquid is used to explore its relationship with man, nature, and the multiple cultural meanings of contemporary times; extending to the consideration of social transformation, nature and its

relationship under the control of capitalism ......

Liquid water itself symbolizes the source of life, instead of saying it is a kind of substance, I prefer to describe it as some kind of independent and free state of life; wandering and changing. This story line is not only a complete explanation of the evolution of the liquid's own "growth", but also a side by-side mapping of my (my) relationship with external objects and cognitive transformation as a living individual.

  With the passage of time and the deposition of social experiences, my understanding of material things has become more limited to those cultural meanings that have been imposed and limited; as a result, my sensory system has gradually become numb and rigid, and my perception of nature and contemporary landscape has deviated. This change has also become the motivation for my work with liquid "association".

liquid: 文字
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